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The double sided nature of FEAR propelling us forward is symbolized in the double cover. Identical twin brothers, photographer Joel-Peter Witkin and painter Jerome Witkin, grace either side of this wondrous compendium of artists, writers and free-thinkers grappling with the dark side.  Illumination happens when writing and good old fashioned truth come together. This is a journey towards the light.

In celebration of their first joint exhibition, we have a limited edition of fifty magazines, signed by both artists.

Look inside the FEAR issue.

Contributors include:  Alfred Starr Hamilton, Anna Laurent, the Van Gogh Museum, Elizabeth Delgadillo-Merfeld, Gavin Bowden, Gisele A Lubsen, Jack Rutberg, James Minchin III, Jemma Jaques, Jim Burklo, Jerome Witkin, Joel-Peter Witkin, John Alan simon, John Lee Bird, Ken Merfeld, Kristin Ellingson, The Lavender Hinge, Kara Walker, Louise Salter, Luke Frost, Oliver Frost, Marilyn Minter, Martin Scott Powell, Maud Larsson, Miriam Dehne, Nigel Daly, Pia Dehne, Rachel Howard, RA Friedman, Renee Hlozek, Satoshi Komatsubara, Steven Poster, Susan L. Williams, T.V.M.R., Tziporah Salamon

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek
— Joseph Campbell
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