The Laboratory Arts Collective


"A WEEKEND OF DANGEROUS MINDS"  in collaboration with Marie - Louise Scio - Creative director, Vice President and chef of magic, Hotel il Pellicano & La Posta Vecchia. 

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The dangerous minds arrived at La Posta Vecchia - ROME throughout the day on Friday April 15th for a weekend of desire. From all over the globe, they gathered on the terrace for lunch in the warm blush of a first rendezvous. Some were friends, most were strangers meeting for the first time. The letting go of the outside world was delicious as the afternoon languidly unfolded into the weekend.

It was our aim to stop time, to pause, to think and to listen. A series of moments unfolded one upon the other and it was easy to be present and available to the concept of DESIRE as it underpinned every experience. Such was the magic of La Posta Vecchia and the gift of Marie-Louise Scio and The Laboratory to all those who attended. Like-minded souls joined together in a creative weekend centered around the theme of Desire. And here's just a little of what they got up to.