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“The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky” - The personal actual life experiences of a man who believes in the magic of reality.


The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick

“I got to spend a few nights in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado. I was walking through the hall on the top story and was shocked by a two inch long spark of electricity from a carpeted floor through my tennis shoes.”



“In 2018 I saw an installation in Griffith Park by an anonymous artist group that blew me away- I will never believe how lucky I was to see it.

It began as a midnight time slot and a slow guided walk with a small group up the roads leading into the mountains in Griffith Park. The guides were dressed in brown and hard to see in the dark. They would change guides about every 50 feet, as one appeared from the woods and the next disappeared back into the woods. I watched people painted white wearing white clothes and leading white dogs on white leashes walking past us going the opposite direction. We walked all the way up to the old boy scout camp and at some points prepared by other actors in this strange production. We were quietly encouraged to hear stories about Los Angeles and lead to wash our feet at the top of the hill. The sparkle of the beauty of the view of the city was second to the strange large black room they created. The empty pool was wrapped in a thick black plastic around a frame that created a large room that we were instructed to climb down a dark ladder to enter. The pool was filled up a foot with ice cold water and bioluminescent algae that reacted and glowed as you moved through the water in the dark. The experience was so complex and special it is hard to describe. I wish they would do more work.”

Bioluminescent Algae Pool Art


“My new pocket knife. The case is shaped like a lady's leg with a heeled shoe.”


“Locally, I love the Russian bakery on Fairfax and Santa Monica in Los Angeles. I love how confidently matter of fact they are about how their bread is the best. It's true.”


“With regard to travel, my favorite place is the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can whisper on the stage and hear it from any place you stand surrounded by that incredible beauty. It is a marvel.

When I visit home, my best friend's house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Most particularly, with she and my family, making gingerbread in her kitchen, and sitting on her grass green velvet couch smothered by all of her children, my child, and all of the dogs.”


“I recently learned how to propagate reishi mushrooms. In the process, I learned the similarities between human nature and the growth cycles of mycelium and fruiting mushrooms. I have become fascinated by the infinite varieties of mushrooms and uses for all of those varieties, and I am convinced that mycelium can save the world.”


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