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Miriam Dehne


I see a darkness by Bonnie Prince Billy

"One of the most beautiful poems in music by a really special kind of singer/songwriter Will Oldham ( Bonnie Prince Billy)"

And did you know how much I love you

Is a hope that somehow you

Can save me from this darkness




La Pleurante des rues de Prague by Sylvie Germaine

" It's a book I read nearly 20 years ago. It's from the french writer Sylvie Germaine; a very female view on the world by searching the soul."


Die weinende Frau in den Straben von Prag by Sylvie Germaine

When reading this German title, I discovered a Czech Poet, who was cited by Germaine: Vladimir Holan .



VLADIMIR HOLAN - When It Rains On Sunday

When it rains on Sunday and you are alone,

open to the world but no thief comes

and neither drunkard nor enemy knocks at the door,

when it rains on Sunday and you're deserted

and can't imagine living without the body

or not living since you have it,

when it rains on Sunday and you're on your own,

don't think of chatting with yourself.

Then it's an angel who knows, and only what's above,

then it's a devil who knows, and only what's below.


pia dehne


directed by Ari Folman

"I can`t really choose a favourite film as a filmmaker. But there is one which impresses me because of the artistic-faith. It‘s done by the Israeli director Ari Folman and he threw me into another world. In a way it's a movie about aging with a brilliant Robin Wright, who plays herself."

An aging, out-of-work actress accepts one last job, though the consequences of her decision affect her in ways she didn't consider.


Carolina Nitsch Project Room in New York hosted an exhibition “Spray On” by Marilyn Minter that was on view through January 20, 2017.

marilyn minter.jpg










Spray On #1, 2016 by Marilyn Minter

UV cured acrylic polymer printed on aluminum, 
mounted on aluminum tube bracing
Signed, numbered, dated verso
30 x 24 x 1 inches (76 x 61 x 2.5cm)
Edition of 5
Published by Carolina Nitsch



Cockatoo Perfumed Smoke Consumer

"I bought an antique porcelain cockatoo at a small vintage shop in Berlin-Prenzlauerberg, right across the street from where I live. This shop used to be a really chaotic little shop (of horror), but has changed  because the German-French artist Cat Soubbotnik now runs it together with the owner. 

Dankwart-parisberlin instagram

I love cockatoos but this is a special one. 

Lothar, the old east-born owner told me: "It's called "Rauchverzehrer“ (Perfumed Smoke Consumer ) and was very popular in the former East of Germany during the 50's and 60's ( Aerozon-DDR). Inside there is a lamp which heats perfume (a stone or oil, mostly fir tree or lavender) and this should consume the smoke of smokers while also decorating the apartment. But then they found out that the stuff the perfume was made of was not so healthy because it contains formaldehyde, so maybe it poisoned people more than the smoke.

But still the porcelain bird is beautiful and I use it as a lamp."


Haus Schwarzberg in Berlin is an oasis in the tourist-area Berlin-Mitte. When you enter it, you think you are in another world.  An Organisation tries to conserve it but it's a big long fight. It is the only house and backyard in Berlin-Mitte that has not been renovated and is the home of artists like "The dead Chickens“, an art collective who have existed since the 80's and made the "Monsterkabinett“.

Also it‘s the home of a special cinema "Central“, a small cinema which shows independent movies. Next to the House Schwarzberg, it is one of the oldest cafes in Berlin, Cafe Cinema. 



"Not total selfless, I worked on this movie and shot the re-enactments as a director.

"Not total selfless, I worked on this movie and shot the re-enactments as a director.  But surprising reactions. People all over the world love this award winning film which tells so much about the awareness of life and an important historical time before the Berlin Wall came down."

(The images are from the re-enacted scenes) 

Rockumentary B-Movie 

More on BBC

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