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THIS WEEKS GUEST CURATOR IS Elena V. Baranoff / FEB 27, 2017


Mozart is my absolute soul mate in music. I adore all his heavenly harmonious compositions, and can appreciate them on a deep level, having studied vocal and piano in music school for many years. Piano Concerto No.23 In A Major, K 488 Adagio is my best-loved. It evokes an entire gamut of feelings, a poetic medley of bright delight and sweet longing.


The Master & Margarita By Mikhail Bulgakov

For the very first time, I read Bulgakov's novel in the form of a hand typewritten manuscript. The book was a real rarity, and this only copy traveled from artist to artist in our community of creatives. The novel astounded me with its crisp satire and dreamlike line of thought.


Primavera By Sandro Botticelli

Spring: the renewal and rebirth of mother nature. Sandro Botticelli's "Primavera" is a most miraculous painting of all time. Its composition is like fluid ornament, with a color palette of shimmering shades of pearl set against the infinite depth of flora. I absolutely adore all his glorious, romantic paintings. As egg tempera painters, Sandro and I are unified by this miraculous fine art technique.


Zolyshka (Cinderella)

Zolyshka (Cinderella), a 1947 black and white musical film by Saint Petersburg's LenFilm Studio, was a favorite film of my childhood and continues to be very dear. To this day, I believe it is the best and loveliest screen adaptation of Charles Perrault's timeless story. It is so kind and magical, a true representation of what a fairy tale film should be.


ROMA AETERNA: Masterpieces From The Vatican Pinacoteca - Bellini, Raphael, Caravaggio
The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
November 25, 2016 - March 1, 2017

Being in Russia at the very moment, I am excited about the Roma Aeterna exhibition at The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. A memorable event not only for Russia and Europe, but also the entire world, this first ever exhibition, features the largest number of outstanding artworks from the Vatican Pinacoteca permanent collection, taken out and arranged together in this a one of a kind showcase.


At this very moment my creative thoughts are devoted to my new artwork inspired by "The Scarlet Flower", a Russian folk tale written by Sergey Aksakov, a retelling of Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve's "La Belle et la Bête" (Beauty and The Beast). My daughter Anastasia, a fellow fine artist, is a model for this original fine art creation, part of an experimental series of paintings.



Florence is irresistible for me as a fine artist. Its genuinely one-of-a-kind atmosphere seems to have been frozen in time, as the majestic city lives its serene and noble life.


CAN BE ANYTHING. An architectural plan of a dream art studio/fortress built on top of a hill. It's already preplanned in my mind, all I have to do is lay it out on paper and find the perfect hilltop.

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