The Laboratory Arts Collective

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Desire is in the cracks of everything. 
Resist the pull of wanting, I dare you to try. 


Desire is the wonderful in between of a thing. The wanting. The waiting. The needing. The longing and the dreaming. When the object of your desire is obtained, the emotion slips out of reach and evaporates back into the ether. Consider the printed form of DESIRE, physically wanted things captured on a page in ink but this only propels the reader forward on a deeper journey. There are no full stops in this grand tour just a tantalizing lifting of the veil for a singular second and on you go, deeper into the in-between of wanting and having.

Be seduced by the fluorescent colors that hum on the page to create a paper light box. Discover the contents of a sealed envelope, distinctive inserts and a booklet that is literally sewn into the issue. Handcrafted and created using the finest paper stock and highest quality printing techniques, there is nothing disposable about this magazine. It is to be cherished.

List of contributors:  Alan Selka, Anne Menke, Amanda Eliasch, Ariel Zuniga, Ashkan Honarvar, Bruce Richards, Candida Ridgwell, Caroline Jones, Cathy Weiss, Chris Kenny, Christina Poblador, Christopher Russell, David Whyte, Gareth McConnell, Hassan Hajjaj, Jack English, John Lee Bird, John Alan Simon, Kristin Ellingson, The Lavender Hinger, Lisa Z. Morgan, Lola Rose Thompson, Louise Salter, Luciano Fileti, Luke Frost, Mark Dennis, Mark Woods, Michael Petry, Miriam Dehne, Sissi Westerberg, Steven Poster, Sukie Smith, Tom of Finland.

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