The Laboratory Arts Collective


Christina Poblador

"My work is a statement. Rooted in inherited culture and personal and collective narratives of the Philippines, it is unashamed of its origins. Exploring themes of oppression, reclamation, and freedom, I use glass, scent, sound, installation, and performance to represent untold stories."

christina poblador

"My embodied autobiographical and mythological narratives take a stand for the role of eros and beauty in rewriting my identity as a Filipina woman and in awakening the “feeling” body in our collective awareness. It is rooted in the archetype of the divine feminine—the part in all of us that thinks, feels, and dreams. It pays homage, in particular, to the lost language of the Babaylan—the archetypal Filipino goddess gifted in healing the spirit and body."

Christina Poblador

"My work is sensual and erotic, based on intuition and carnal knowledge. It is about learning how to celebrate despite the pains of being alive through the seemingly mundane act of sensing. It seeks to make people aware of the unimaginable pleasures and struggles that exist in places that are not the center."