The Laboratory Arts Collective


To create striking organic works using stone, pastel, clay, oil paint and video, Caroline P.M. Jones has spent countless hours and days with her subjects in the Mojave: “Like the Formations themselves, I exposed myself to the wind, the heat, and the sounds of the desert. What stays with me is the novelty of these miraculous forms and how they have come together.” Although permanent and primeval, the artist conveys a dynamism and living quality in her work. “The way I’ve composed the pieces relates to the spatial conditioning of the groupings. Like a family grown together, or breaking apart, they stand or lie in various stages of light — unified, cracked, broken, yet still proud and strong.” 

Caroline PM Jones

Over a stone

What is flying

Is only clouds


Says the artist: “According to Zen, and captured perfectly in the Haiku above, human energy and power is at its optimum when we attain a state of calm and poise, in which we can face life with equanimity and sincerity. This is how I view the beautiful and living “Formations” in my series.”