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Ashkan's work examines the ontology of human existence. In his collages he explores how humans relate to one another and the fluid, infinite universe we inhabit. His work sizzles in your brain, electrifying your senses as he plumbs the depths of desire, death and possibility that co-exist in the human form. His images are familiar, yet when thrown together topsy turvy into his own surgical mix master, they arrive re-formed, newly built and deeply arresting. His subjects are unwittingly made vulnerable, dismembered and put back together, bending to the mercy of their master. We are reminded of the futility of our belief that we control our own destinies, as our bodies betray us with petrifying speed and certainty. Desire is always there beating under the surface, peeping through at the voyeur while the disfigured subject peeps proudly back.

The Denial of Death 5

nigel dalyDesire, ArtistComment